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Academy 21

Academy Twenty One is an international support system with a strong focus on the Network Marketing industry. We are an academy specialized in personal development and leadership coaching. Our goal is to enable each of our members to achieve time freedom, financial freedom and success in self-actualization.
A21 is dynamic and global; through our members, we are present on 5 continents, in over 75 countries. Our primary mission is to make our members pioneers in their own lives through values, dreams, action and success.
We offer our members an intensive training program of around 2,000 seminars a year, delivered by our leaders and partners in face-to-face and digital formats, with an average of 1 million participants worldwide.

Our Chairman and Founder Dr Raoul Ruben Njionou is a true impact leader, with almost two decades of experience in Network Marketing, Leadership and Coaching. He has established an indisputable reputation in the field, which has enabled him to build this very large A21 community with men and women who share the same vision, the same passion, and the same dream.